Discovering mixtures (4th - 6th grade)

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Discovering mixtures (4th - 6th grade)


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This sequence compiles older resources, produced by the teachers of the La main à la pâte networks, on the subject of mixtures of liquids and solids. 

The four steps of the sequence on mixtures can be carried out independently. We encourage teachers to create their own progression, adapted to their students and the time available. To help teachers choose from the proposals, here is the order in which the activities have been designed:

Step 1: Mixtures of solids and simple liquids

Summary : During this step, students discover and make different types of mixtures. They observe and describe them with specific vocabulary.

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Step 2: The concept of density

Summary : In this step, the students try to understand why oil always floats on water.

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Step 3: Challenge - The Liquid Tower

Summary : In this step, students consolidate the knowledge acquired during the sequence by taking on the challenge of the liquid tower.

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Step 4: Complex mixtures in everyday life

Summary : In this step, students learn about the complex mixtures around them.

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In addition

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