1,2,3...Code !


1,2,3...Code !


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Le Pommier

The “1,2,3...Code!” project created by the La main à la pâte foundation with support from the scientific community (in particular INRIA, the French Institute for Research in Computer
Science and Automation) aims to introduce students and teachers to computer science, from kindergarten to end of 6th grade.

It offers plugged activities (requiring a computer, tablet or automated device) that introduce programming basics and unplugged activities (computer science without a computer) that allow the teacher to address fundamental concepts in computer sciences (algorithms, languages how information is shown, etc.).

These activities are organized in ready-to-use progressions specially designed for each Level, with an emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach and active learning such as inquiry-based learning or project learning. These progressions are easily adaptable to both computer-equipped (or with tablets or automated devices) or non-equipped classes.